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Threat Baseline Assessment

Our core service offering consists of a comprehensive security audit used to benchmark and assess an organization's existing security architecture and controls against established standards and guidelines. Assessments include an active network and host-based monitoring service to identify and remove any existing threats to an organization. Assessment concludes with a red team assessment used to map and identify vulnerabilities and test implemented security controls.

Active monitoring and response capabilities are executed through an endpoint monitoring software agent. Our endpoint detection response software agent allows Indigenous threat hunters to perform live active defense against identified threats in your environment.

Assessment Overview

Blue Team Assessments
• Standards Benchmarking
• System Hardening
• Compliance Review
• Vulnerability Management
Red Team Assessments
• Web App Exploitation
• Server Side Exploitation
• Client Side Exploitation
• Social Engineering
Threat Detection & Response
• Counter APT Hunt
• E-Discovery/Forensics
• Incident Response
Managed SOC Services
• SOC Development
• Outsourced/Managed SOC

What Is Threat Hunting?

Indigenous Intelligence, LLC provides a purpose-built software agent used to continuously collect telemetry data from customer enterprise systems for continuous threat detection, analysis, and response. Indigenous Intel's cadre of reverse engineers and threat analysts possess specialized expertise hunting advanced threat attackers leveraging our live threat reporting tool used for event correlation and anomaly analysis to view threat events and take response actions in real time. Using data telemetry collected from host machines an audit trail is developed, which allow Indigenous Intel analysts to work with clients to identify network vulnerabilities and build a defensible secure enterprise. As incidents are detected, our reporting system provides immediate information in a clear format to client network security teams. We work with and collaborate closely with in-house security teams to create long-term countermeasures for identified threats. Through sophisticated data analytics our platform is capable of identifying multiple attacks from multiple hosts and develop an attack profile of the threat actors behind the attempted intrusion allowing us to predict their future behavior and improve defenses against similar attacks.

Managed Security Service (SOCaaS)

About Us - Managed SOC & Security Services

Indigenous Intelligence, LLC brings the best breed of security engineers and cybersecurity experts out of the US Intelligence Community and DoD to provide small and midsize organizations with outsourced expertise in identifying threats and vulnerabilities, threat response, risk mitigation, threat reporting and compliance.

SOC as a Service

Our SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) offers a managed security solution that enable organizations to align security risks with business risks by reducing overall costs of purchasing, operating, and maintaining complex security solutions. Indigenous Intelligence, LLC implements host and network based sensor technology that collect live security telemetry from client networks and systems. Collected data is streamed into Loki analytic cloud servers that enable real time threat detec-tion and response, centralized compliance and security controls, vulnerability management, and 24/7/365 report-ing through customer driven dashboards and SIEMs.
Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

Continuous persistent host and network security monitoring and analysis with real time response and reporting

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Implement security best practices based upon NIST 800.53 and CSC Top 20 security controls for threat mitigation

Log Management & SIEM
Log Management & SIEM

Unify network and security data that allows for event correlation and a single interface for reporting threats


Address compliance challenges from a common management and controls dashboard: PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and more